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Provided below is a quick reference index for our web site. Visit our patent and trademark pages.

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         Introduction to Patents - Patents and Patent Processs
         Patent Law
                  Patent Overview - Patents and the Patent Process
                  Patent Applications - Types of patent applications
                  Patent Litigation - Patent Infringement litigation
                  Scientific Areas - Biotechnology, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Mechanical
                  Patent Attorney R. Wagenknecht - Patent Attorney
         Trademark Law
                  Register Trademark - Obtain a registered trademark
                  Trademark Attorney - Trademark Attorney
         Trade Secret - Trade secret information
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         Firm Overview - Patent law firm information
         Patent Attorneys - San Diego Patent Attorney
         Community - San Diego community support
         Fee Schedule
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         Blogs and Podcasts - Our Patent Blog
         Media Kit - Media Contact Information
         Photo Gallery
5. Patent FAQ - Patent FAQ
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