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For over 10 years WAGENKNECHT IP's Bioscience and Medical Device law practice has been referred to as BIOTECH BEACH LAW®. This is partly due to our emphasis in biotechnology, drug discovery, and medical device patent law, but it also reflects our firm culture.

Protecting innovation and creativity is the cornerstone of our practice.  We strive to build comprehensive patent and trademark portfolios both in the US and abroad by relying on our experience as well as our close relationships with boutique patent and trademark law firms around the world.  Our dynamic team of patent attorneys, trademark attorneys and staff work to continually improve both our clients’ and colleagues’ experiences with our firm.  We are confident that we are well on our way to becoming a preferred bioscience and medical device intellectual property law firm.



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Meeting the patentability requirements for life science inventions can be more difficult compared to traditional mechanical inventions. The unpredictability of biological systems require a higher burden of proof when it comes to demonstrating the possession and enablement requirements under the patent laws. In addition, recent Patent Office (USPTO) examination guidelines have also made it more difficult to obtain patents to diagnostics and therapeutics that rely on natural biological processes. Our patent attorneys monitor trends in examination policies as it relates to the life sciences and medical devices. We stay ahead of the curve to obtain patents that will withstand future challenges to validity and infringement allegations.

Our life science and medical device patent attorneys conduct due diligence investigations, offer infringement analysis, draft legal opinions, and develop patent strategies to comply with the increasingly difficult patent requirements and to develop comprehensive patent portfolios. We prepare US and international PCT patent applications, respond to office actions, and manage patent portfolios. We also assist with patent licensing and the transfer of patent rights.


Although Trademarks represent words or catch phrases to distinguish the source of goods and services, working with a trademark attorney that understands the underlying technology can help identify the proper goods and services for trademark clasification purposes. For instance, our bioscience patent and trademark attorneys can help distinguish whether the mark represents a device, its proprietary formulation, its additives, or a synergistic method of use. It's also beneficial to understand the underlying technology when arguing distinctions between goods and services associated with competeing marks, and when conducting discovery during opposition proceedings.

Our trademark practice includes consultation as to the requirements for trademark registration and the different types of trademark applications available, the filing of new US trademark applications, the filing of international trademark applications, responding to Office Actions, filing maintenance documentation for US and international trademark applications, and conducting opposition proceedings.

Raymond Wagenknecht, US Patent Attorney

858-587-2510 x 201

About Ray

Ray has prosecuted hundreds of US Patents and Trademarks. Ray represents technologies including stem cells, transgenic organisms, diagnostics, antibodies, cardiovascular devices and treatments, heart valves, infusion systems, flow cytometry equipment, DNA and RNA analytic methods, and microelectronic devices.

Ray's patent practice includes patent counseling; preparation and prosecution of patent applications; patent portfolio management and audits; due diligence; freedom to operate analysis; non-infringement opinions; opposition proceedings, and patent litigation support.

Ray is also an accomplished researcher. He is a contributing author on a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications in the field of immunology and drug discovery. Ray was formerly a researcher within the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and at a San Diego-based start-up biotechnology company.

Bar Admissions
  • State of California
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

  • US District Court, Southern District of California
  • US District Court, Central District of California
  • US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (Washington, DC)

University of California, San Diego
Bachelor of Science, Molecular Biology (1995)from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) (1995)

University of San Diego
J.D. Law (2002)
VP of Science & Technology Law Society (2002)

Representative Patents
  • US 9,200,246 - Co-culture device assembly
  • US 9,050,130 - Medical infusion device and methods of use
  • US 8,962,286 - Fermenation process and by-products
  • US 8,344,742 - Real time electronic cell sensing system and applications for cytotoxicity profiling and compound assays
  • US 8,329,114 - Devices and methods for sampling biological fluids
  • US 8,283,169 - Differential Gradient Separation of Cells
  • US 8,142,444 - Circumcision clamp and surgical kit
  • US 8,058,296 - Treatment and prevention of deleterious effects associated with alcohol consumption
  • US 7,816,080 - Identifying organisms by detecting intronic nucleic acid or encoded proteins
  • US 7,780,915 - Fecal sample test device and methods of use
  • US 7,741,539 - Transformed plant cell expressing five mammalian proteins involved in sialylation and a protein involved in galactosylation
  • US 7,741,028 - Methods of identifying genetic markers in the human cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene
Scientific Publications
  • A B Cell Superantigen-induced Persistent 'Hole' in the B-1 Repertoire
    G.J. Silverman, S. Cary, D. Dwyer, L. Luo, R. Wagenknecht and V.E. Curtiss.
    J. Exp. Med., 2000 Jul 3;192(1):87-98.

  • Characterization of Superantigen-Induced Clonal Deletion with a Novel Clan III-Restricted Avian Monoclonal Antibody: Exploiting Evolutionary Distance to Create Antibodies Specific for a Conserved VH Region Surface
    Cary SP, Lee J, Wagenknecht R, Silverman GJ
    J. Immunol., 2000 May 1;164(9):4730-41

  • A B-Cell Superantigen That Targets B-1 Lymphocytes"
    Silverman GJ, Cary S, Graille M, Curtiss VE, Wagenknecht R, Luo L, Dwyer D, Goodyear C, Corper AL, Stura EA, Charbonnier JB
    Curr Top Microbiol Immunol. 2000;252:251-63

  • Improved two-dimensional gel electrophoresis representation of serum proteins using ProtoClearTM
    Lollo BA, Harvey S, Liao J, Stevens AC, Wagenknecht R, Sayen R, Whaley J, Sajjadi FG.
    Electrophoresis, 1999 Apr-May;20:854-9

  • In Vivo Consequences of a B-Cell Superantigen Immunization”
    Gregg J. Silverman, Jayakar Nayak, Raymond Wagenknecht, Klaus Warnatz.
    Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci., 1997 Apr 5;815:105-110


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