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Biotech Beach Law Group began serving San Diego's biotechnology community nearly 10 years ago. It has since emerged into a full service, nationally recognized intellectual property law firm with our managing attorney successfully obtaining over 100 issued patents. We now provide legal services for both US and European companies, regularly act as US national phase counsel for foreign law firms, and provide due diligence support for private funding. ¬†Although we now represent established research and development corporations with 500+ employees, we still enjoy working with San Diego's biotechnology start-up companies and physician entrepreneurs across the US. We’ve helped obtain patents for complex electronics used in cell monitoring instrumentation, medical screening assays, surgical tools, biological pathways for humanized proteins, solar wafer fabrication, cardiovascular implants, immuno-test strips, cell separation methods, genetic testing, aquaculture, orthopedics, stem cell therapies, electromagnetic radiation protection, ink-jet formulations, computer accessories and more.¬†¬† In addition to our patent and trademark practice, we also assist with intellectual property due diligence, legal opinions, freedom to operate analysis, licensing, FDA clearance and corporate representation to help grow technology companies.

Intellectual property portfolios are becomming increasingly important. A patent portfolio is often a technology company's greatest asset. A comprehensive patent portfolio provides value when seeking investment, venture capital and corporate alliances. Our patent attorneys work closely with scientists and corporate officers to tailor our legal services to reach long term and short term corporate goals.

In addition to preparing US patent and trademark applications we also provide global intellectual property estate management services and have established relationships with patent attorneys in Europe, Asia, and Australia to remain cost efficient. We regularly prepare international PCT patent applications and can help coordinate PCT national phase entry of PCT patent applications in multiple countries throughout the world. Our IP management services can also include quarterly docket reports for management personel to simplify tracking of complex intellecutal property portfolios and global due dates. Tasking us with managing a growing patent and trademark estate allows you focus on your next generation product or corporate partnering.

We also believe intellectual property representation is not limited to filing patent and trademark applications. Our patent attorneys can help identify and analyze competitors' patent and trademark portfolios and provide reports useful for avoiding potentitial infringement issues, to provide freedom to operate analysis and to monitor competiting technologies.

Each of our patent attorneys and patent agents has laboratory experience, which allows us to quickly identify one or more patentable components of a variety of inventions. In fact, our patent attorneys and agents are also accomplished researchers and have co-authored peer reviewed scientific publications. Among these include publications in the fields of immunology and drug discovery. We have experience in both university and corporate R&D settings. We are truly passionate about science!

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